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The brand NEW LINEAELLE has over 20 years of history, passion and quality carried out with great determination by the Lombardi’s family.

In February of 2012 was born the company LADY ELEGANCE linked to a new image of the product. Innovation and tradition blend perfectly into the new personality of the Brand that forms a bridge between past and future, because you need to keep in step with fashion and with the demands of the market, without neglecting, charm and elegance of the major needs of women present day.

The collections are maintained by a pool stylistic highly specialized in the creation of knitwear, embellished with fine yarns such as merino wool, alpaca wool, mohair warm, soft cottons, shiny silk, viscose brilliant together and printed, and many other natural fibre in many colours. interno

With regard to production, the company uses computerized electronic equipment such as: SHIMA, STOLL, MECMOR.

The company manufactures and distributes four different brands:

NEW LINEAELLE and LADY ELEGANCE and to the woman, while WILFORD90 and BACON to man.

The firm LADY ELEGANCE is a reality that skillfully blends professionalism and technology.

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Lady Elegance di Lombardi Pasquale
Via Callano, 161/163 Int. 41-Barletta (BT) - Italy
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